Game or website related bugs and issues.

Negative Livestock *CONFIRMED BUG*

Just saw at Thraxas' Farm on Unbreakable around tick ~465.

Negative livestock is clearly a bug.

Steps of reproducing the bug:

  • (Any Idea, Thraxas?)


  • Destroy the zombie-infected farm as they're eating your food instead of procuding. Rebuild a new one.

MMO world 20?

Been playing around with Charlie 6.1257 on MMO world 19. This is now 100% ticks (can still be opened but looks weird - tiles missing all resource tiles set to 100 each resource thousands of peasants & bird walking over the land causing lag etc. guessing this is due to the game being over).
Are there plans for a new world to mess around with? Perhaps even a new release?


Resource Income

I think the way resource income is supposed to work is that some terrain / buildings / tax provide income (Positive Modifiers) and buildings / population require upkeep (Negative Modifiers).
When you click on a resource icon it shows the summary of these incomes and outgoings and the change last tick.

If this is right then my income appears broken / bugged:

I have the following values over a tick (these are fairly consistent)

Wood :
Stock before tick: 1005
Modifiers : -1(-2+1)
Stock after tick: 1006

Population Limit

I've got a level 3 village (large town?) my population says 50/150 so I think I should be able to get another 100 population.

I've run out of food and that 50 hasnt gone down, I've gained a stock of food from my 2 farms and set farm labouring to 100% and it still stays on exactly 50 without growing.

Is population growth bugged or is there a 50minimum floor and do I need to do something like set double rations to make it grow ?


Version 0.6.1257 Bugs

Today I installed new version 0.6.1257
At first, startup is better, good starting resources, normal rations, tax 0% - nice. Next, I changed name of manor at easy.
At second, I tried to build 2 farms at once but none of them has been erected. There was no notification about deny or something. Again, icon of sand clock is missing, don't know how many turns left. Btw, my population is growing - that's nice. Shall I try to demolish my manor? Maybe someone else should, I have no heart of going through same pain again.

Read First: Bug Reporting

Dear Community,


first of all, thanks for reporting a bug! It's always welcome.

I assumed it can't hurt to give my 2 pence about bug reporting.

Features > Media Coverage

On the features tab if I choose the Media Coverage group I get the following message:

An illegal choice has been detected. Please contact the site administrator.

Registering - Email address


I just tried to create an account, and it failed as I typed my account name "Wiezy Krwi" and email address (eg [email protected]).
Failure message was that "Wiezy [email protected]" was not a valid email address.

Possible that there is a bug and all your email addresses are prefixed with the username?

Kind regards,
Wiezy Krwi


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