Week 13


Week 13 has been a silent run, as more tasks were coming from the bottom of the iceberg - the things that make about 90% of any development and are typically invisible to end users.

On client side, following our updated agenda (the one we set in Week 12 regarding our licenses), we've succesfully updated the existing packages and replaced the ones that were no longer available, made implementation changes where the updates made it necessary, then re-tested the scenes. The code is compiling and the scenes are running again. 

Parallel with that, we continued  to work on the Overview Map with Sándor and made some additional progress about the tileset, and how we'd like to show the improvements on them. Once the CoA Creator is out, on the client side, we're moving towards the Map and actual gameplay.

On the server side, Steve was optimizing his Player Module - Site bridge and preparing to deploy them live. Gabor, Instait's extra, has been ill through the week, hopefully he'll return on Monday. 


Weekly Status

Game Client

  1. Updated all the remaining packages to the latest, Unity 5.6 compatible ones or replaced with new, compatible packages and updated all scenes accordingly.
  2. Added localization support and updated the code accordingly.
  3. Continued working on the Overview Map assets with Sándor.

Dev Week 13 - Tokens on Overview Map
TIle Improvements will be displayed as toggleable wooden tokens in the Overview Mode.

 Platform & Game Server 

  1. Steve was doing bugfixes and software design work this week, working on the collectibles and optimizing communication between the site (still working on the clone) and the Player Module.


  1. No updates.

Dev Week 13 - Tokens on Overview Map #2
Work in Progress tokens - do you recognize every Tile Improvements?

 Next Step  

There are two main goals for week 14.

  • Hosting the Platform on live
  • Now that the package licenses and code updates are sorted out, finally releasing the CoA Creator.


See you next week!



Hi, I'm Clavius! I've found this game ~year ago and was excited, it was something what I've looking for in years: small TBS, no brutal donate, just a warm, familiar place...
Then game serber went offline, but I kept checking and, finally, I see a rebirth. :)
So I wish you achieve a success and look forward to further updates. :)

Hi Clavius! Thanks for the kind words!

Don't worry, we're working hard to revive - and seriously enhance - the game! :)