Week 14


Apologies for the small delay - I've had an inflammation of my right eye the past few days, paired with a pretty decent headache, so blogging (or just sitting in front of any display) was the last thing I could do. My eyes are still recovering, but hopefully I'm over of the hard part.

Last week has been, well, equally fruitful and frustrating. I was forced to spend the majority of last week outside of the project. This means that I barely had time to support Sándor and talk to the server guys - so I had no real progress on the client side or with the release. To counter this, I originally planned to spend the weekend working on the client (as that's about the time still missing for a release), but then my eyes decided to stage the coup d'etat on me.

On server side, though, we've managed to upload the platform code to the Cloud - so that's a goal for this week we met. There are still some issues with it, but the code is definitely up and for the most part, working. So we expect that in a few days it's ready for integration.


Weekly Status

Game Client

  1. Made tiny progress towards the release. :(
  2. Added some useful utility codes for the asset management & continued working on the Overview Map assets with Sándor.

Dev Week 14 - Troop Tokens on Overview Map
The military company token on Overview. War is  coming... eventually.

 Platform & Game Server 

  1. Steve was installing the server & platform code to our cloud server. The code is now running there and test clients can connect, but there are a few glitches to fix.
  2. Gabor was working on the admin pages for the platform/server instance so even non-techie guys like Mark could use them. :)
  3. They've made some bugfixes to the bugreport code and also tied it to discord (so a discord channel could automatically report discovered bugs through a webhook).


  1. No updates.


 Next Step  

There are three main goals for week 15.

  • Ensuring that the live server is rock solid, then starting the site's transition to the Platform.
  • ...release Offline CoA Creator...
  • Starting to work on the Online CoA Creator (with saving, bug reporting, etc. - integrated to the now live platform).


See you next week!