Life Happens

A famous general once said that the best laid battle plans never survive first contact with the enemy. I think that sentiment also applies to life in general. Life happens, and all your carefully-made plans may suddenly not matter anymore in a blink of an eye.

That's why it's so important to have a "compass" guiding your decisions. If your internal compass influences your everyday decisions, it doesn't matter if your life goes off plan a little or a lot. You know what direction you need to head by using your personal compass.

The Feudums project's carefully laid plans got blown to smithereens last year but thanks to the internal compass of our fearless leader, Mat, we seem to have corrected our course heading and are sailing with the wind again. Time will tell if our efforts will pan out, but the crew is hopeful and we'd like to invite all of you to join us on our cruise. Hopefully we won't end up like this group!

Since our re-animation earlier this year, the core team has been plugging along, working towards a couple of items:  the Coat of Arms Creator and our Player Module.  The Player Module is the must have; everything else to come will work from that or so I've been told.  Mat and Steve are the experts, so I'll take their word on it . :)  But I want to take credit for getting the CoA Creator into the early to-do list.  I argued that we needed something concrete to show some progress to our players and what better way than to finish and round out the registration process.

It's Feudums vision that a player's house name and CoA will be attached to the player throughout their gaming adventure, whether in the MMO or single/multi-player.  Rewards won (or lost) will affect the house name and its reputation throughout the Feudums universe.  A player's CoA can similarly change with rewards or with an update to the house story.  The goal is for Feudums to be consistantly moving forward and evolving as players develop their houses.

Feudums aims to be more than a point-click-shoot-kill-and-move-on game.  We aim for involvement.  We want interaction. We demand thinking.

As we continue to move forward with the project, we've pledged to be as transparent as we can on what we're working on and our goals.  To that extent, I'd invite you to take a look at Mat's ongoing DevBlog.  It's loaded with what we're currently working on so you can follow along with the latest news each week.  Other than that, our Facebook and Twitter feeds are active.  Our forums on the web site are a little quiet now a days, but we are hoping things will pick up once we have some new content to chat about.   Stop by and say hello.

We recently had one our players make some suggestions on how to improve the web site.  It was all great stuff and we appreciate his input.  For his time and effort, we made him a honorary vanguard!  Thank you, Scont!   As I've said before, Feudums is more than our game; it belongs to you too.  

Together we can succeed where others have failed. So even if medievel games aren't "your thing" - you may want to help support us as an Indie, as gamers who believe in playable, great games, or just as people acting on our internal compass trying to do the right things.  And our internal compass demands we make decisions with integrity, for Feudums promises to be a game with integrity.