Introducing Feudums

Check out 11 examples of what we've packed into FEUDUMS! We hope to forever change your gaming expectations and experiences for cooperative/competitive MMO Strategy games!

1. Commendation Ceremony

Pay homage or swear loyalty to other players in exchange for land, taxes and military service. Call your vassals to aid your military campaign or support your political ambitions and follow your liege lord to find their own destiny. Call your friends in on your side by offering vassalization through external social networks and revoke their titles if those bastards turn on you.

2.  Carry your story on your Shield

Impart your background story in a clever, aesthetic and authentic way by telling it through the heraldic forms, shapes and colors on your Coat of Arms, then refine the picture by earning either personal or dynastic advantages or disadvantages that unlock further details.Sample Crests

3.  Govern your lands

Split, distribute and organize your lands with unprecedented freedom and govern them seamlessly. Develop your regions, make trade flourish throughout your lands, build castles and towns, make use of natural resources, take care of the common folks and chase Local Goals for unlocking special yields and bonuses.

4.  Feel the Power of Nature

Experience the cycle of life through the passing seasons and learn their impact on all aspects of medieval life. Secure food supplies to counter famines and sieges, move your armies to winter quarters for the cold months; pray for protection from natural disasters

5.  Never Start a War Alone

Summon your levy Lances and vassal nobles, hire expensive mercenaries and launch or repel short and brutal Military Campaigns true to the spirit of Medieval Warfare. Enjoy creating war plans that can be placed and updated directly onto your maps and share them with your allied or vassal players for seamless and efficient cooperation. Crush armies, raid towns and seize castles on your way to secure your position and exterminate all who defy you.

6.  False Promises and Moral Issues

Experience a diverse and deep system for handling both diplomatic and feudal relations, treaties, secret pacts and agreements. Enjoy balancing in FEUDUMS' Moral System, maintaining your Virtue to spend on minor - but at times, invaluable - benefits for following the Code of Chivalry. Or play every situation to your advantage; usurp your liege lord's authority and infringe contracts as you see fit to feed your ambitions.

7.  Quest System

Play the way you want, and enjoy the wide variety of side quests offered in-game, which are tailored to your gaming style and preferences. Set your hidden Dynastic Goal and rush for completion to claim a prize that will last for all game sessions, but beware: others may have Dynastic Goals opposed to yours! Go for Challenges and Achievements to unlock session-long or temporary boosts and benefits.

8.  High Replay Value

Enjoy a diversified game experience by playing various ranked game sessions, each running on a unique map and with different settings, or by creating a customized private world for battling AIs, playing a sandbox game or holding a private, quick game session with your own friends.

9.  On All Screens

The game is built on Unity and will initially launch on iPad, but the cross-platform approach will allow us to expand to other platforms as the game continues to grow. Ultimately, FEUDUMS will be available on all major platforms, tablets and desktop alike.

10.  Free is the new price

FEUDUMS is a free-to-play game with monetization mechanics restricted to cosmetic updates and premium features without in-game advantages. Creating private games with custom rules and attendees is a premium feature, but boosting incomes and quickening in-game progress isn't. In FEUDUMS, you can't buy in-game progress! Your strategic planning and cunning skills are the only tools you need to succeed.

11.  Gamers First Approach

Enjoy a strict quality assurance and game experience policy in FEUDUMS. Unlike most MMOs, we wish to make our homework and differentiating jobs that is our responsibility and where voluntary gamers can help a lot. For this reason, we employ professionals for game admin duties, who are forbidden to play open games. Additionally, we offer prizes for any voluntary work that helps others get started or builds upon our growing Feudums community.


I realy hope Feudums can congregate those players left behind by old-time excellent social games that could not hold up against the greediness of "investors" good will. eRepublik is a exemple. Once a espectacular social/political/economic experience become a buy-to-win race focused only on militar.
Count on us to improve it and to keep it good.

Thanks dennBRA. Let's spread the word and get them over here!

Long time no news...hope everything goes fine...

Yep. We haven't posted public news lately, but there are (mostly) weekly updates for vanguards on the Vanguard Barracks forum which you should have access to. Hopefully, those weekly reports do qualify as 'news' until there will be a public news post again. :)