Early Access Single Feudum Management Build Releases

Hey everyone!  I know you’ve all been patiently awaiting our new release.  Well, I’ve got good news on that front.  An early access version of the Management Build will be released today. We’re still tweaking it and working on squashing the last of the bugs, but we thought it’s time to show you our baby.

Honestly, we are pretty excited about where we’re at … because this updated build isn’t a one-shot action from us. We’re pretty much past the architectural tasks; we can finally go by the indie saying: ‘show early and show often.’ The less interactive things are all done - now we can deep dive into implementing pure game features. That means more things to show. Much more. Way more frequently.

We hope that you’ll also be excited. Feudums is, after all, your game too.  We’re hoping you’ll like where we’re going…maybe even offer some support or new ideas.   

Now, this release will be for desktops only. We’ll provide updates whenever anything big gets fixed.  Since we’ll still be in bug squashing mode, I invite everyone to get in on the fun.  We’ve got a forum area called “Feudums Bug Report” – if you find something needing fixed, you can report it there…just be specific about what happened and where it happened.

The old build will stop working, but you can reach all the Map Creator features in the new build too - even some extra features, like all four seasons. And of course... you can now join a test MMO world too.

So head over to the website, download the latest version, and take it for a test drive.  Tinker around, let us know what you think and if we’re on the right track.

We still have a long way to go.  Remember, the single feudum management build is the 2nd of the five milestone builds we plan to make before the MMO can go live. So, lots of fun ahead. Come and join us!

Please invite your friends to come around and check us out.  Get active in the forums. Support us through our SHOP when it gets up and running.  We think we have a great concept and want to see it through to the end, but we will need your help to make it!