Week 25


The August heatwave isn't getting better in our region; even to the point that it seems to have impacted our results and working patterns. For instance, Sándor had to change his work schedule, his room is so hot during the afternoon (33-35 °C) that he can't focus on work. This put him on a different working schedule than the server team (sitting in air conditioned office space) and me (sitting in either the office space or in home office, with a recently installed air conditioner). The funny part, he is a whole country away from us. Central/Eastern Europe is a small place, it seems.  On the other hand, there has been absolutely no whining from Hammond Mark of Texas (Stargate, anyone?) about heat. I guess he is just fine below water's boiling point. Or - he is already boiled. Thinking about it, I don't recall any messages from him for the past some days...[Ed. Note: Our big cowboy hats protect us from the sun here in Texas!]  

Miner - perspective 1perspective 2final perspective

Tweaking a simple miner unit - many "behind the scenes" steps you'd never notice

So, the bad news is that according to our internal schedules there is a visible loss of working pace. It's frustrating, but honestly, there isn't much we can do about weather and it's effects on concentration. :(

But worry not. We're still working.


  1. Gábor has presented a working version of the integration code, but it still needs some polishing and bugfixing before we could add it to the client. He promised these will be done around the middle of Week 26.
  2. Steve was doing bugfixes and updates on the server and our website. These are currently being tested on the development copies. Live systems will be updated through the coming week.
  3. I've made progress with the mixed sprite/tweener animation subsystem. The goal here is to implement a system that would suit for both our global (ie. weather, clouds) and local (ie. workers, wildlife) animations and is built on top of our object pools and tweening system. It requires a lot of internal testing to keep it efficient, but hopefully, it'll worth every hour invested.
  4. Sándor continued to work on spritesheet animations


  • BonesGábor's work signals a CoA editor update (first to Vanguards) around either the very end of this week or somewhere in the next one. Once the integration code is stable, I'll need to add it to the client and "plugging the cables", then finish some extra layouts related to these features (like a settings or the login scene). Depending on my animations tasks, this might need to wait a day or two once Gábor is ready, but it is in my top 3 scheduled tasks.
  • Sándor is going to continue with animations. It'll stay this way for several weeks as creating spritesheets is a huge (and at times, frustrating) work.
  • Steve will be back at the World Servers code.


Last chance to enter the on-going Coat of Arms contest  for Steam keys of other indie games / cult 4X titles / Coat-of-Arms related rewards. Go create your feudal ID! Writing a background story is not a requirement for entering the contest - though it's never a disadvantage to have one. You are not a native English speaker? - neither are we. Don't want to talk? Right, just post your coat of arms design.