Week 24


Pikeman Animated - CoAThis is going to be a short update, being performed in rotting ~37-40 celsius [ed. note:  98-100 Fahrenheit and quite far from any of the areas we'd normally like to be at in the middle of Summer. So please do your part for our great cause ... and feel for us while you're getting bored while relaxing at the beach!

Warning! This is a "no bulletpoints" report today.

First of all, a change of plans: Gábor has politely been told volunteered to take most of my integration related tasks so I can help Sándor by working on the on-map animations module. This had to be done to ensure no team members are stuck and waiting for someone else, and Gábor seemed to be a good candidate since he was actively participating in building the Player Module - and this way, Steve can continue working on the new stuff. So we had a meeting at the beginning of the week (a quick knowledge transfer and setting agendas) and Gábor has already shown us a working demo of his progress by Friday, so it seems this is going to work nicely. I'm not entirely replaced on the integration task - especially where in-game scenes, already developed client mechanisms or UX are involved - but this is more than enough for me to have some time helping Sándor. That's an IT phalanx, baby. Everyone is covering someone else's advancement.

Feudums Troops' Fashion Week
"The Foot Soldier Fashion", the definite lifestyle magazine for Feudums' troops. Available at all Imperial Keeps!

Now, the bad news. Unfortunately, I've lost a day due to eye inflammation and Steve also lost half his week due to personal matters, so while our phalanx tactic sounds cool, we made less progress towards our next goal than I wanted. Still, the tactic isn't to blame for this, so I hope we will perform better next week.

Last chance to enter the on-going Coat of Arms  contest  for Steam keys of other indies slash cult 4X titles slash Coat-of-Arms related rewards. Seriously, what kind of lord or lady are you without a coat of arms? It's your feudal ID! Writing a background story is not a requirement for entering the contest - though it's never a disadvantage. Please also don't worry if you're not a native English speaker - neither are we (well, except for Marky the Might).
[note to Editor: hope the title is correct now] [ed. note: You are getting closer...]

Wearing your CoA will be trendy in 2017Of course, I couldn't help myself but started thinking about some smaller changes about the game logic (based on the feedback I've collected from you last year), and I have some easy-to-adapt ideas for the feudum management layer. I also want to experiment with some UX changes for the game UI sooner rather than later.

 Next Step  

Ordinaries are evergreen choices!We've started working on stuff outlined in the previous weekly report, so that's good, we're on track. We'll pretty much continue with the same tasks, albeit with the changes I just mentioned above. I hope we'll be able to release a Vanguard preview of the full CoA Editor (with the ability to reserve unique CoA for yourself and being able to use them on all integrated platforms) around the time we'll close the CoA contest. That's not very far, by the way. Take your chance and enter the contest!