Week 22


First of all, sorry for the delay - I returned on Sunday so I had to catch up with the progress on Monday before I could finish this weekly report. In a nutshell, we're still working :) Steve and Gabor (the latter also had a short week) assembled a batch of fixes, enhancements and features that have been installed on our dev clones and were being tested during the week. Based on the results, an update on both the Platform and the Site will be performed early next week.

Sándor was mostly working on Animations, and I've spent my short week on the Game Map.

Find the "changelist" below!

Don't forget to share your opinion and votes on development schedules, either to solidify the current priorities (if that's what you want) or to ensure your priorities are being considered (if you have a different idea)!

Weekly Status

Game Client

  1. Game Map has been tweaked for Rivers and detailed segments have been also added. Logic has been further optimized for River placement.
  2. Sándor was mostly working on Animations, using the new workflow and his new tools. Early results are.... rather funny than robust, but both of us are confident that the workflow will speed up the development (prototyping, testing and finalizing) cycle of game unit animations, so we're content with the less than ideal learning curve. He was also painting a new set of graphics for my River update.

Week 22 - Rivers in Overview
River in overview mode

 Platform & Game Server 

  1. Steve was fixing about half a dozen bugs and was updating the Platform and Site with new enhancements, then uploaded them to the dev environment for testing.This batch is ready for installation on the live environment.
  2. In his two days, Gábor has been working on the live Coat of Arms validator & some utilities to batch-upload CoA-related settings.


Week 22 - Rivers in Detailed View
It certainly isn't ready yet but the River looks a lot better now when zoomed in.


  1. Nothing on live. Testing on dev environment.

Pikeman Hand-drawn
Here comes the uppish anti-cavalry!

 Next Step  

Everyone is back to business, so we want to do a couple things during week 23.

  • I'll do some additional work on Rivers (Game Map), but  I'm also going to start the integration between the Coat of Arms Editor and the Platform.
  • Steve and Gábor will push every bugfix and enhancements to the live environment (Platform & Site), then we'll start working on the Game Worlds system.
  • Sándor will continue working on the animations. First of all, we need a pikeman with a better attitude...

Pikeman Animated
Pikeman... on Ice. He certainly needs some (leg)work.

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