Week 21

 你 好!(Nǐ hǎo!)


Oh-kay, the Platform is still running, we can see new people being registered, and there has been no reported issues, nor any technical issues in our logs, so I take it as a good sign.

During the week, we've spent some time adding a few enhancements to the Platform communication (to make it more robust and to offer more useful feedbacks in various - simulated - error scenarios), and some extra abilities to the site, all of these are currently being tested on the development clone and will be hopefully copied to the live in the coming development week. Our Collectibles module is also generally ready for use.

On the client side, efforts have been put into the Game Map

If you're a Vanguard, don't forget to share your opinion and votes on development schedules, either to solidify the current priorities (if that's what you want) or to ensure your priorities are being considered (if you have a different idea)!

There is also an on-going Coat of Arms  creator contest  for Steam keys of other indies and/or cult 4X titles or Coat-of-Arms related rewards. If you haven't downloaded the CoA Preview yet, it is time to get into it and to also enter the contest. Show your awesome CoA building or background-storytelling skills!

Impassable Mission
Speaking of contests - beat this map. I call it "Impassable Mission".

Weekly Status

Game Client

  1. Game Map has been updated to display smaller maps better. Otherwise, the week was all about smaller enhancements and bugfixing on the presentation of game maps.
    1. I've finished the logic for displaying a frame around bordered (non-traversable) maps in both overview and detailed landscape mode (based on render distance).
    2. I've also tweaked River placement, added firths and sources to rivers, as well as coding their presentation logic and adding extra rules for placement when encountering water bodies like a lake or a sea. There are still a few crazy edge cases, but it acts and looks a lot better than the prototype-quality earlier version.
  2. Sándor was mostly creating graphic assets for detailed landscapes and bordered maps, but, as preparations for the next big graphic milestone, has also briefly checked our (hopefully) streamlined animation workflow.

Week 21 - Rivers
Rivers flow less erratic now!

 Platform & Game Server 

  1. This week has been dedicated to refactor, stabilize and enhance various codes and features around communication, Collectibles, site integration, new site features (related to the coming Online CoA Creator) and the admin views. 


Over The Mountain
Over the Mountain lies the End of World. Literally.


  1. Work has been done on the development clone, results may be added to live next week. Otherwise, this front has been mostly quiet during the week.

 Next Step  

This is going to be a short week for both Gábor and me, so our progress will be limited.

  • On client side, once the map frames are finished, Sándor will make some fixes on the river assets then continues working on tile animations - like environmental effects, wild life or people. I'll be doing the coding work for these animations. I'll be away for the second half of the week, but once I'm back, I'm also planning to check the Coat of Arms Preview integration to the Platform.
  • Steve is doing some last-minute work on the site and Platform, then he'll jump straight to Game Worlds logic.


Thanks as always for the update.

Perhaps this is getting into philosophy but if theres no-one on the map to pass the mountain is the mountain impassable?

... but from a pragmatic programmer's viewpoint: it is definitely impassable :)

(you don't have to test an attribute to choose a default value. Then it'll remain the valid assumption until it is actually tested and proven wrong (in which case the value is updated accordingly). So if there is nobody to test it... well, it just means it'll never be proven wrong. ;)