Week 2


This past week has been a typical indie week for many reasons. First of all, what I wanted to do during the week was almost immediately replaced by other stuff, as Sándor asked me to move the Coat of Arms graphic work to the third week, so he could finish something else before we passed over this bridge.  Since my code would rely on corrections he needs to do on the proof-of-concept assets he created for this feature, this made it a wise choice to put my time into other tasks on our to-do list in the meantime.

Fortunately (or not), our to-do list is full with stuff I could choose from.

So what did we do then?

 Game Client

  • I've made tweaks and code refactors for the sake of increased modularity and our capacity of debugging the Game Directors.
  • I've made some progress in advanced World Generation / World Editor related functions. This feature group would let world-makers (modders, an MMO editor, or a world creator AI)  to put multi-tile map features on a map without the tedious work of doing everything tile-by-tile. Consider putting a river or a mountain range in a region, by simply choosing it's starting tile, giving it's length / size, direction and randomness, and letting the Editor create a raw version that you can then fine-tune as you please.
  • I've also made some integration related works with our paid Unity Assets.

 Platform & Game Server

  • For the majority of the week, Steve from Instait (let's call him by his name; he'll be on the project for a while :)) worked on the Player Module.
  • Steve also kept testing our communication framework on a couple platforms and made communication related bug-fixes.


  • I ended up hot-fixing a couple legacy bugs and url issues related to the old content and images.
  • I've also had to reinforce the registration process a bit due to the amount of bots we've experienced.

Plans for next week

  • On client side, I plan to continue working on the Coat of Arms Generator. Sandor is ready for the challenge on his side. :)
  • On server side, Steve plans to finish implementing the basic functionality for the Player Module by the end of the week, so we can start internally testing (and using) it.
  • I hope we don't have to fix anything with the Site and can focus on the tasks that bring the game closer.


Thats all for this week. Stay with us for the next report!