Week 19


First of all, thank you for all the players who have downloaded and tried the Coat of Arms Creator so far, and an even bigger thank you for everyone who have provided us feedback through email, our forum or on Discord. If you haven't checked it out yet, well, it's still there! Go and grab it! Also, we're thankful for any positive or negative feedback about the preview. That's the only way to improve our work to your tastes. If you wouldn't change anything on it, that's also an important feedback.

Second, we're done testing the Platform and it is (bar a few small issues that can be fixed in a day) ready for making a debut.

Make sure you have your email set!

After the migration, every password will be reset so you'll need to update yours (note: we still won't hold your password). Please make it sure your email is (1) set and (2) still accessible to you. You can check it by logging in and simply checking your profile.

If you couldn't update your profile in time, and we migrated your account without a working email address, please drop us an e-mail and we'll help you sort out the problem.

Weekly Status

Game Client

  1. Spent the majority of time on the Game Map code, working on the different scrolling rules for maps with different traversabilities.
  2. Sándor was tweaking the Game Map's overview frames and drawn detailed tiles and their seasonal variations (ie. winter landscape).

Winter is Coming
Winter is always coming !

 Platform & Game Server 

  1. Gábor was still working on the Collectibles. Mostly on achievements and virtual packages (composite collectibles that contain other collectibles or other packages. Like, the Vanguard's Pack that will consist multiple collectibles.
  2. Steve was working on the Platform and was supporting it's release candidate for testing purposes. 


  1. Made a fresh, full development clone (and backups) of the site for the prolusion / last test event of the integration.
  2. Prepared the integration package.

Week 19 - Overview Borders WIP
The end of the world

 Next Step  

  • Bar a few remaining bugs or missing hints, both the Site and the Platform are ready for integration. Over the last several days, we were having an identical, integrated system running to make sure the "live" system will work as expected. So if the remaining smaller issues are fixed on Monday, the site will be put under maintenance mode for smaller periods in the next 48 hours, while Steve adds the final integration blocks and turns on the Platform behind the site. After that, the site will be linked to the Platform and you'll be the same user for both the game and the site. This will also mean that - as I outlined the last time - we can push an update for the CoA editor, making it online.
  • Otherwise, we are already working on our next milestones. On client side, that will be a functional Game Map, while on server side, Instait is going to finish the Collectibles logic then leap forward to implement Game World Management.


It sounds like you're making good progress ... nice one ... cant wait to see what you've come up with, very exciting!