Week 17

Geia! (Γεια! )


Last week passed rather quickly. Steve and Gábor continued working on the server, and I was both helping Sándor with the map and continued filling up the heraldry content for the Creator, as well as fixing a few smaller issues and limitations. I've also passed the arms-related raw content to Mark, who has been busy processing it up for his upcoming article.

Coat of Arms - Coming Public Preview
There has been some last minute refinement on some of the tiny details.

Weekly Status

Game Client

  1. Made some fixes on the Coat-of-Arms Offline Preview
    1. Fixed some tooltip issues (some attributes had the wrong Tooltip Id associated and brought up the Shape-related tip instead of their own)
    2. Continued work on the Codex's Summary section (the only technical limitation in the Vanguard version).
    3. Continued filling every heraldic part with some meaningful heraldic information.
  2. Sándor has continued to work both on the Game Map's detailed and overview level, as well as he created the 13 Charge rewards related to the challenge from last week. He also wanted to let you know that this amount wasn't a real challenge to him. Well, maybe next time. :)

Dev Week 17 - More Variety in Overview
More terrain variety also appeared on the overview level

Platform & Game Server 

  1. Gábor was working on the admin views for the Collectibles (to stay in tandem with an imminent online version of the Creator) and mostly finished them on the dev environment, so they can be shortly uploaded to the live server.
  2. Steve was spending most of his time on the full transition from the site's current database to the Platform and tweaked the Platform a bit to better cooperate with the site (as it requires a pretty different concept than our clients). Bar the forgotten password, the whole thing seems working now.

Web site 

  1. Nothing since last week.

Next Step 

Coat of Arms - Coming Public Preview #2
Most heraldic tips and hints are now properly added and styled - and nearly every element has one.

  • As last week's Vanguard release hasn't brought up any new issues,  and most of the team yet again enjoying a long weekend in my country, my current plan is to publicly release the Offline Coat-of-Arms Creator around the middle of next week. It'll contain the rewarded charges (thanks to the ones who accepted last week's challenge and contributed in the result!), and hopefully, a completed heraldic guide to all elements as well as a fully working summary.
  • On server side, we'd really would like to make the database transition around the end of the week, but as it may result in some planned outage for the site, we'll keep you posted about it. Once the transition is over, we will continue working on the online version of the Creator but we'll also announce the next planned milestone(s) and will start focusing more and more on those too.

See you next week!