Introducing Feudums

Top 10 11 Reasons why you'll love Feudums!

What Makes Feudums Tick?

The Anatomy of a Turn-Based MMO

Building a Realm in Feudums

Sometimes it gets so confusing - Lord and Liege. High Kings and Petty Kingdoms. What the heck is a vassal anyway?

Feudums Monetization Strategy


“Free to Play” is the infamous monetization black magic of the gaming industry second only to over-priced DLCs. Normally, when you hear this phrase, you run away from the game and never look back. Well, FEUDUMS is Free to Play, and we intend to do it right. 

Warfare Sneak Peek

Feudums is balanced to mimic the early medieval period; keeping a standing army wasn't common practice in this time frame, so the game favors the more authentic military campaign-based thinking over the classic "build a bigger army" approach....

Feudums Management 101

There is an old saying, “Home is where the heart is,” and that is certainly the case in the new build we have just released for Feudums.

Feudums is a 4X cross-genre, cross-platform epic strategy MMO due out soon. Players take up the role as a Lord or Lady with their own feudum (Latin for fief).