Location, Location, Location

Your decisions on where to build your settlements and castles may be the difference between winning or losing.

The Medieval Pyramid

The Medieval Social Strata had a very familiar Egyptian shape... 

Building Your Feudum From the Ground Up

Your army came and conquered.  Now what?

Serfs Up!

Any successful modern business person will tell you that a company’s employees are its greatest resource.  Back in medieval days, it wasn’t any different.  Well okay, it was a lot different because employees were called serfs and they weren’t paid. And didn’t have medical care.  Or time off.  But that doesn’t mean they weren’t important.

What's a Feudum?

What exactly is a “feudum?”   Any guesses?

Forging Worlds

So who's ready to learn about map-related settings, basic terrain types, rivers, and their most important in-game effects.

Winter is Coming!

Winter is coming! The brutal truth about how one bad winter just might cost you the game if you don't plan ahead.

Ask Anything about Feudums .... Part 1

Ask FEUDUMS Anything Part 1: Enter the Void

Introducing Feudums

Top 10 11 Reasons why you'll love Feudums!

What Makes Feudums Tick?

The Anatomy of a Turn-Based MMO