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Our April Update.

Feudums has both a Kickstarter and Greenlight campaign going at the moment.  Please consider helping out!

Ask Anything about FEUDUMS Part 2: Professional Gamer Looks Behind the Curtain

Our newest build gives you the controls of your own feudum.  Can you lead your people to a better life?

Keep up to date with the development of Feudums.  Here is the February Update from the 2Pence team.

One of Feudums' core team members attended Casual Connect 2016 in Amsterdam.  In addition to checking out the upcoming Indie game scene, he handed out flyers promoting Feudums to attendees.  It looks like both the event and our promotions were a success!

MEDIA COVERAGE: Check out the 2-part Q & A our lead developer and lead game designer had with eXplorminate!


11/30/15 - 2 Pence Studio has released their first build for their forthcoming game, Feudums. This build, the game’s Map Creator, may be used to create game maps and can be downloaded for free.

Feudums is a 4X, tick-based, strategy/MMO game set in the Medieval Ages. Players assume a role as a Lord or Lady in a land where the high king has died. Between managing your feudum (Latin for fief), consolidating your power and making (and breaking) alliances, you will make your own bid for the crown. Call your vassals; war is upon us!

Ask FEUDUMS Anything Part 1: Enter the Void

There is an old saying, “Home is where the heart is,” and that is certainly the case in the new build we have just released for Feudums.

Feudums is a 4X cross-genre, cross-platform epic strategy MMO due out soon. Players take up the role as a Lord or Lady with their own feudum (Latin for fief).