Week 36-38

Hi folks,


Sorry for this long and unexpected delay. Like I already reported on our forum, we've had the unfortunate and unlikely scenario that every single team member got sick in the past few weeks, and though Mark is back, and Sándor and Steve have also returned to their work during the last week, I'm still recovering and waiting on further medical exams. In the past week or so, the most I was able to do was to stay online just enough to keep them busy on their projects.

It's either Sándor's take on the past several weeks or we're working on some story events...(maybe both)

This is really bad news for our schedule. We wanted to release the CoA Editor by now, but the worse part is that we also wanted to deliver a limited playable alpha demo (similar to the "feudum management demo" we had in Phase 1) sometime in December. Then we would finally have a working, playable ecosystem that we could keep expanding on while you (or at the very least, the vanguards) could mess with more. It's been in the works, parallel to the CoA Editor update for a while. Now it's pretty unlikely it will happen this year.

I'll try to get back to work starting this Monday and make some progress with my own coding stuff too, but my time will be quite fragmented by a couple examinations (expected to take 4-5 hours each due to long waiting times) - so I'm going to slow the project down for a few additional weeks, and you can expect some delays in the weekly reports while it lasts. Let's hope I can be back working in full throttle once this is over. It's way too often now that I have to say I'm sorry to you.