Week 23


We finished a bunch of smaller tasks this week.  The site has been updated with the latest batch of enhancements (some are already visible, some will only  be active once you have your Coat of Arms saved on the server), and the client code has been updated to the latest Unity, with all 3rd party plugins also being updated. I've switched from the Game Map to the Player Module integration, which should also include an update on the login and settings scenes. The Platform has been also updated with a bunch of bugfixes and a few extras. 

Sándor is still experimenting with animations. 

This is about the time when I could start thinking about game design - and your phase 1 feedback - again. Well, at least once I'm done with the Player Module integration...

Don't forget to share your opinion and votes on development schedules, either to solidify the current priorities (if that's what you want) or to ensure your priorities are being considered (if you have a different idea)!

Weekly Status

Game Client

  1. Game Map has had a minor fix on Rivers.
  2. Client code has been updated to latest Unity 5 (5.6.2), and it was just as unpleasant as always to have every third party libs also correctly updated. There is also a parallel Unity 2017 release but I didn't want to risk it yet as it seemed a bit unfinished - we could use some of their more advanced features though. Hopefully, it'll mature during our development cycle so we can switch at a later stage.
  3. Sándor was working on Animations, but it feels we're still in the middle of a learning curve.

Cow - Animated
Holy Cow! It looks better than the pikeman.

 Platform & Game Server 

  1. All the updates from last week has been tested and propagated to the live environment. This included new features, a lot of fixes, new admin views and some Platform enchancements.


  1. All pending updates have been propagated to the live environment. It is now a fully Coat of Arms compatible version, so as soon as I'm done with the integration, your Coat of Arms won't only be saved to the server, but can also show up on your profiles and the forums. There have been other small enhancements too, like Vanguards and Staff members now have their roles printed on the left of their forum posts and on their profiles, which might help newcomers to learn who is who within our community.

player roles
Community Celebs here!

 Next Step  

All but the "production ready" Pikeman have been reached from Week 22's "Next Step" goals so we'll continue to advance on the same pattern.

  • I'll continue the integration between the Coat of Arms Editor and the Platform. Even though I can't wait to touch my game designs again.
  • Steve and Gábor will start working on the Game Worlds system. Gábor might be sent to the client side at some point in the next several weeks.
  • Sándor will continue working on the animations.

Don't forget our on-going Coat of Arms  contest  for Steam keys of other indies and/or cult 4X titles or Coat-of-Arms related rewards. If you haven't downloaded the CoA Preview yet, it is time to get into it and to also enter the contest before the time runs out. Show your awesome CoA building or background-storytelling skills! Don't worry if you're not a native English speaker - neither are we (well, except for Mark the Mighty) [Ed. Note: That's Sir Mark the Mighty to you].