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Founding Date: 

  • Phase 1 / Prototyping for tablets: June 1, 2015.
  • Restarted (Phase 2): February, 2017
  • Incorporated in July, 2021, in St. Gallen, Switzerland



  • Self Published / Looking for Publishing Partner

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Timeline / Release Dates:

  • Coat of Arms Creator Demo:
    • Q2 2017 (Offline) 
    • Q4 2019 (Online)
  • Playable Alpha Multiplayer Versions:
    • Q4 2020 - Online Ecosystem & Coat of Arms Designer
    • Q3 2021 - In-Game Economy Demo
    • Q3 2022 - Warfare Demo
    • Q2 2023 - Multiple Feudums (Petty Kingdoms), TactiCon Demo
    • Q3 2023 - Diplomacy Demo
  • Early Access: TBA, possibly Q2 2024
  • Full Game: TBA, possibly Q1 2025

Fact Sheet

Name:  Feudums ('Medieval-ish Broken' Latin for fiefs) 

  • Note: the grammar mistake is intentional and serves the mood (correct plural form would be 'feuda')


  • Strategy (4X), Grand-strategy, Simulation, Social Game with RPG elements
  • Primarily a massively multiplayer game with strong emphasis on social components and simulations. Secondary modes may include classic multiplayer (with a low volume of players, i.e. 2-16), single-player and co-op multiplayer (players between 2-4) scenarios and singleplayer sandbox.
    Note: The 1.0 version likely won’t offer single player experience out of the box, other than sandbox. This is a domain for future expansions, modding and premium content.
  • Tick based (simultanously turn-based: all commands execute at the end of a tick). Tick speed may vary for different game instances, allowing both fast-paced and slow-burning games to be held.


Can you shape the flow of history, or will it shape you? Feudums is an approachable, medieval strategy and simulation with a detailed and unique player-to-player vassalage system, full modding support, deep seasonal simulation (seasons dictated medieval life!), noble house progression and community-driven narrative. Balance diplomatic, economic, and military aspects while making your play for the throne.

Theme & Setting:

The game is roughly based on the second half of the European High Medieval Period (c. late 10th - early 14th centuries) and feudal societal system (feudalism and vassalage). Whether it’s a fictional world or an alternate Europe may be subject to specific game settings and modding.

The original lore has no magic or fantasy elements and is intended to be a bittersweet, roughly realistic representation of said period in a fictional universe.

Cross Platform play:

Support for PC (Windows) first. Mac, Linux, also Apple & Android tablets as additional platforms. Might have companion apps for smartphones.


  • Massively Multiplayer: Free to Play (Game as a Service) with ZERO Pay-to-Win elements!
    • No lootboxes, no paywall, no faster ability recharges or purchasable premium units, buildings or anything that can offer any in-game advantage. Every player has access to the same features and content during multiplayer.
    • May pay for specific game modes (like the ability of hosting private multiplayer games or scenarios) and customization of certain cosmetic items such as special heraldic devices for player' coat of arms, unique customizations for the knight's hall or other visuals. 
  • Single Player: TBA.
    • May pay for Campaigns and Scenarios (as premium game or DLC).
    • Single player does not affect, and cannot unlock anything that would give an advantage for multiplayer gameplay.

    Game Brief

    Develop your lands, manage your feudal society, expand the borders and your political might and build a renowned bloodline spanning across vast MMO worlds.

    For the Kingdom!

    Feudums is an ambitious strategy game which places you as the head of a small Noble House and tasks you with forging your legacy during the cruel Middle Ages. The game is currently in development and will be released for both PC and tablets.

    The game follows the story of your aspiring Noble House through an epic arc spanning across multiple games, from gaining rulership over your first, tiny feudum in a shaken medieval realm, onto your epic journey to forge your ever-lasting legacy, game by game. Houses has to build their foothold, forge their faction, carve their path through the unforgiving feudal society and clash for control on the fields of diplomacy, warfare, economy, and the feudal society itself, while the known world around them is being ripped apart by a horde of embittered adversaries.

    Feudums is all about the vibe and feel for epic medieval strategy game campaigns, with writing, game design, visuals and music all serving a single purpose: to present a truly unique and unforgettable tale, based on player-driven narrative in a beautiful hand-drawn environment.


    Inspired by the strong vibe of 90's classic Amiga/C64 games like Defender of the Crown and Lords of the Realm, the cool story-driven-sandbox style of Mount & Blade games, the great grand strategy mixture of Crusader Kings games and the diplomatic and societal aspects of fan-favorite novels Game of Thrones (A Song of Fire and Ice).


      Feudums - Pre-Alpha Gameplay Footage

      Feudums • "Once Again"