Next Feature Group #2

While we are working on to streamline the current features and eliminate the reported bugs, it's about time to start planning the next feature group to implement. So once again, it is your turn to decide what you would like to try next! 

We can potentially expand into multiple new directions, and most of our core implementations can be further expanded. You can check the planned roadmap - and the main features - under our proposed Roadmap or you can find a different grouping on our About page.

Remember that you are not voting on functions, but on their priorities, so there is no wrong or harmful answer, the result does not change the main concept. The core game features will all eventually debut in the game (if we can stay afloat), we just want them to appear in the order most desired by our slowly but steadily growing community. :)

Don't forget to click on the [Vote] button to finalize your choice.Join our discord server and be heard!

You deserve extra respect if you explain your choice in a comment or start a discussion about it on our discord server! 

Your Choice:

Add Vassalage (I) - sign feudal contracts and be part of a feudal society. Introduces the basics of vassalage.
42% (13 votes)
Add Diplomacy (I) - trade or sign basic diplomatic treaties with others. Introduces the basics of diplomacy & politics.
39% (12 votes)
Extend Economy (II) - control multiple feudums, manage your domain, specialize regions to unlock regional bonuses
10% (3 votes)
Events (I) - decide about a host of random or triggered events and encounters. Introduces the events system.
3% (1 vote)
Backgrounds (I) - customize your persona and unlock persona-bound and house traits. Introduces backgrounds & legacy.
3% (1 vote)
Cherry-pick from a little bit of each - this works towards a "vertical slice" of the features.
3% (1 vote)
Extend Warfare (II) - draw war plans on map, occupy tiles and siege castles and settlements
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 31


Thank you for your feedback!

Unfortunately, Vassalage received some questionable votes, which we had to exclude. We then also weighted the votes of the Vanguards, although this didn't really change the results as they voted in roughly equal proportions for the most popular options.

We are pleased to announce that the winner is Diplomacy. Get ready for communications, trade agreements, alliances and other treaties. :)