Next Feature Group? #1

It's about time we start working on the features for the next playable milestone and therefore, we're asking you to tell us what you'd prefer to see added next. At this point, the core is up and running so we can potentially expand into multiple directions, and most topics can be expanded through a couple levels. Whether we will move straight until we added every detail to a topic or you select something now, then will be switching to another topic and move a bit with each - will be decided by you, as we plan to ask our community at the end of each implementation run.

You can check again the planned roadmap - and the main features - under the Roadmap section on our Support page or in a different grouping on our About page.

You are not voting on the features but their priorities, so consequently, there is no wrong or harmful answer, the result won't change the main concept. The core game features will eventually all debut in the game (if we can stay afloat), we would just like them to appear in the order that is most desired by our slowly, but steadily expanding community. :)

You can also suggest other options to be included if you'd rather start with something else. 

Don't forget to click on the [Vote] button to finalize your choices.

Earn an extra round of respect for explaining your choices in comments or start a discussion about it on our discord server! 

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Units basics (ability to create lances or hire mercenaries, move around, raid and battle others).
64% (7 votes)
Extend economy (create multiple feudums, rearrange tiles, define labour settings across the realm, unlock specializations).
18% (2 votes)
Perhaps add a little bit of each (like a "vertical slice")!
9% (1 vote)
Diplomacy basics (in-game world & group chat, trading and basic diplomatic treaties between players).
9% (1 vote)
Vassalage basics (feudal contracts, vassalization, easy vassal invite links).
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 11