Modding Priorities

It's about time we started the draft implementation of some modding features. Therefore, we're asking you to give us your feedback on what kind of modding you'd prefer.  Earn an extra round of respect for commenting (explaining) about your choices! 

It is important to ensure our plans, the core architecture and your modding priorities are in harmony, so we don't spend extra time working on unimportant things. On the other hand, we want to put enough effort into features that are the most important to you, making their debut smoother and their future refinement easier. The later we change up our focus, the more additional work it'll require.

If you don't find something on the list, please drop us a comment and we might add it for you.  

Don't forget to click on the Vote button to finalize your choices :)

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Customizable World Templates (ie. custom geography, seasons, world features)
Customizable Ruleset (ie. seasonal effects, yields, prices, modifiers...)
Built-in Map Editor (for creating custom maps)
Ability to Share, Exchange & Search For modded contents directly in-game.
Programmable Custom AI Opponents (ie. to create your own Gandhi from the Civs)
Programmable World Generators (ie. to create a custom icy world generator)
Programmable Game Logic (ie. changing battle rules for your mod)
Customizable Graphics (ie. to add custom terrain arts, tokens, unit pictures...)
I can live without all these fancy things. I don't intend to do much modding.