Wearing Your Story: A Coat of Arms Primer

Coat of Arms - Primer

In the Middle Ages, a noble’s coat of arms did more than decorate a shield or manor house; it told everyone a story.

Feudums Releases Coat of Arms Creator

What's a knight without a coat of arms?  Feudums releases its Coat of Arms Creator!

Knights of the Realm! Create Your Own Unique Coat of Arms!

Building Feudums

DevBlog Launches

Feudums has launched a Developer's Blog to better keep our followers informed about the current status of the game and let everyone keep tabs on the design team and direct them as needed towards completing sections of the game the players want to see completed first.

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What's a Feudum?

What exactly is a “feudum?”   Any guesses?

2 Pence Studio Release First Feudums Build


11/30/15 - 2 Pence Studio has released their first build for their forthcoming game, Feudums. This build, the game’s Map Creator, may be used to create game maps and can be downloaded for free.

Feudums is a 4X, tick-based, strategy/MMO game set in the Medieval Ages. Players assume a role as a Lord or Lady in a land where the high king has died. Between managing your feudum (Latin for fief), consolidating your power and making (and breaking) alliances, you will make your own bid for the crown. Call your vassals; war is upon us!

Introducing Feudums

Top 10 11 Reasons why you'll love Feudums!


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