Ask Anything about FEUDUMS Part 2: Professional Gamer Looks Behind the Curtain

Ask Anything about FEUDUMS Part 2: Professional Gamer Looks Behind the Curtain

Feudums Q & A with eXplorminate

MEDIA COVERAGE: Check out the 2-part Q & A our lead developer and lead game designer had with eXplorminate!

What's a Feudum?

What exactly is a “feudum?”   Any guesses?

Introducing Feudums

Top 10 11 Reasons why you'll love Feudums!

Feudums: The Next Big Thing!

When game designer Matyas Suranyi was asked to give his ‘two cents’ about the current state of gaming, he did more than talk. Suranyi called up an old friend and together started their own indie game company, 2Pence Studio, and began work on a game – Feudums – which promises to be his career opus.

Suranyi went into the project with a vision of a completely free game to both play and win.  He had first-hand experiences with other games on the market where you get close to the finish line only to find you had to shell out money to win.

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