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FEUDUMS is a free-to-play and free-to-win game, so you can download and play the game for absolutely free on as many of your devices as you wish (your account will be persistent through your devices). 

Milestone Builds


 Stable   Feudum Simulator Light Preview Version: 0.4.1640, Public Release on 2021.03.03

The first preview for the 5th milestone build on the roadmap. This has all the features from the previous previews, including the fully online Coat of Arms creator, but also adds the ability for the players to start playing on MMO game worlds, try the basics of the game's economy system under different rulebook settings, as well as our new labourer system and the general tasks of feudum management. Also meet the World Market where prices are driven by the players' actual demands!

This is the new minimum client version to connect to our updated live ecosystem.

Note: Game Worlds are restricted to Vanguards for a few weeks. If you can't wait to try the game, check how you can become one of them.

  Live Screenshot Labour Assignments Drag&Drop has been added to some lists, such as the command queue, to allow players to quickly reposition or swap commands (so long their execution has not started) for a specific feudum, unit or their realm.

Windows 32/64bit
Direct Download | Alternate Download (indieDB)

Release Notes


 Stable   System Online Preview 2 Version:, Public Release on 2020.02.07

An updated public milestone build of the second phase. This has all the features from the previous preview, including the fully online Coat of Arms creator, but also comes with additional subsystems, like sound effects, music playlists - with some original sound tracks written specifically to Feudums -, new screens, and tons of fixes. 

Also, this is the new minimum client version to connect to our updated live ecosystem.

Main Menu  the built-in Coat of Arms Creator

Direct Download | Alternate Download (indieDB)

Available on Windows: Release Notes


 Stable   System Online Preview Version:, Public Release on 2019.06.30

The second public milestone build of the second phase. This client has a reworked and 'final' Coat of Arms designer, full user workflow support (from registration through profile updates to forgotten password), a stable, multi-protocol communication system, built-in bug reporting, a working GUI system along with notifications, a connection panel, and such. This client is now fully online and integrated to the ecosystem - it is retrieving all key information from the servers, and if you happen to create a coat of arms, it will now persist. You might want to check our vastly updated article about designing a coat of arms ... then claim your design before others beat you to it and wear your coat of arms on the forums.


With FEUDUMS' System Online Preview, you can check where the development is heading to and you can prepare your game presence in time for the Game Worlds to come.

Main Menu in 0.3.777  Coat of Arms designer in 0.3.777

Please upgrade to the latest version.

Available on Windows: Release Notes


 Stable   Coat of Arms Creator Preview Version:, Public Release on 2017.06.10

A Coat of Arms in the Feudal Age was more than decoration. It told a story and the character of the bearer through the language of Heraldry.

With FEUDUMS' Coat of Arms Creator Preview, you can check what kind of experience we're going to offer by creating your very own Noble House, and tell its story through its coat-of-arms, an important and unique device through your in-game journey. Read our feature on Coat of Arms which includes hints on creating your own here!

Splash Screen Preview - 0.1.2  Coat of Arms - Public Preview

Direct Download | Alternate Download (indieDB)

Direct Download | Alternate Download (indieDB)

Available on Windows: Release Notes

Phase 1 Builds are no longer available. Early Access platforms are priorized based on your feedback to the platform poll.

In downloading or using any build of our game ("Feudums"), you acknowledge that you have read and accepted our simplified EULA.

FEUDUMS is in "Very Early" Access. That means we're still working on the game! Releases are limited and allows only a preview of specific features (check our roadmap for more details).  While we're doing our best to ship stable previews, don't be surprised to find a few things buggy.  We even happen to reset or change the world or game settings on a regular basis. These releases are not meant to be played as a final game, but rather to provide a slice of what the final game will be like, and to present you the opportunity to check on these ideas and give your feedback in time on them should we return to the drawing board. If this isn't your cup of tea, please bear with us until we ship a more or less feature-complete public beta.


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