Feudums Releases Coat of Arms Creator

What's a knight without a coat of arms?  Feudums releases its Coat of Arms Creator!

Week 16 - Milestone

Week 16

Milestone: the Coat-of-Arms Creator Preview for Vanguards is out.

DevBlog Launches

Feudums has launched a Developer's Blog to better keep our followers informed about the current status of the game and let everyone keep tabs on the design team and direct them as needed towards completing sections of the game the players want to see completed first.

Hard Promises - Project Update

News, My Liege!

It has been a long time since we last provided an official update. While I'm not particularly proud of the long hiatus - and that's a real understatement - the good news is that there is now an agreement between all the affected parties. So after a [very] long [and sometimes nerve-racking!] trip, the take-away is: Feudums continues. Check for more details!


Flipping a 2 Pence - July Update

July Update.  Get the explanation behind our current development pause.


May Update

FEUDUMS' May update.


We're Blooming!

Our April Update.


Update! Kickstarter Campaign Active too!

Feudums has both a Kickstarter and Greenlight campaign going at the moment.  Please consider helping out!


Early Access Single Feudum Management Build Releases

Our newest build gives you the controls of your own feudum.  Can you lead your people to a better life?


Feudums February Update

Keep up to date with the development of Feudums.  Here is the February Update from the 2Pence team.



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