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Release Notes
  Version  0.1.2.*   Release Date   June 09, 2017. Coat of Arms Preview - Public Release

Provides an offline preview of the coat of arms editor capabilities. 

Special Notes:

  • This is an offline feature preview - your designs won't be persistent until the player module is released (it's in testing phase).
  • Inventory Filter is disabled in offline mode.
  • In this Preview, every item is available for testing purposes. This means that once the game is released, or in further releases, we may lock certain items for Achievement Rewards or as purchasable Cosmetic Upgrades. Also, some items are going to be Backer-exclusive. Still, the vast majority of the items will remain unlocked to ensure you'll have millions of unique combinations to choose from right at the start. We'll also boost the numbers of these items at certain milestones or when it seems necessary.

Applies to both and The latter is a maintenance re-build of the same feature set.