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Platform Updated

There has been a major update in the underlying Platform API.

While it has been throughoutly tested, there is always chances that some bugs would survive the purge, so please let us know if you'd encounter abnormal or unexpected behaviour about the site or any user related process (ie. login). Thank you!


I was absent for a while. Wonder when shall game start? Only coat of arms generator I tried.

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Hello sjohund,

We've recently posted a Vanguard only update of the client, which is now fully online (and have a vastly updated Coat of Arms Editor and the mandatory boring stuffs about player management, communication, notification systems, etc). The point is, we've built the online ecosystem behind the game to the point we can focus on the next phase. You can check the Vanguard forums for more details.

So, subsequent updates will now focus on the world map & game logic, adding related features incrementally.

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