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Warfare ABCs

Feudums will offer a unique and realistic approach to warfare.  Let's take a deep dive into the art of war!  

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Location, Location, Location

Your decisions on where to build your settlements and castles may be the difference between winning or losing.

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Forging Worlds

So who's ready to learn about map-related settings, basic terrain types, rivers, and their most important in-game effects.

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Ask Anything about Feudums .... Part 1

Ask FEUDUMS Anything Part 1: Enter the Void

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What Makes Feudums Tick?

The Anatomy of a Turn-Based MMO

Warfare Sneak Peek

Feudums is balanced to mimic the early medieval period; keeping a standing army wasn't common practice in this time frame, so the game favors the more authentic military campaign-based thinking over the classic "build a bigger army" approach....