TactiCon 2023 & Short Recap

So...we've been a featured game at Tacticon 2023 over on Steam, where we joined our indie allies and achieved some great results.

We've seen huge increases in demo downloads, wishlisting, and activity on Discord. The success was so sudden we were taken a little by surprise and had to scramble to create additional test games, each bigger than the one before. We were on the first page of Popular Upcoming titles since the first day of the event, thanks to the audience of the event showing interest in us, which we have found to be humbling experience as well as a huge success, and we were the only Grand Strategy / 4X labeled game in the top 10 of Popular Upcomings!

If you were in that crush of gamers joining our little project, we want you to know that we appreciate you! Of course, part of our success right now, is the latest update that went live right as Tacticon was starting.

In case, you've been living under a rock, you can now create multiple feudums.  This simple addition to the game now changes how you play.  When we were stuck with a single feudum, you had limited space and could not really create the budding realm that you wanted.  Now, you can create a few more (test games capped at three for the time being) - so that you can actually create a micro economy that functions well enough to keep your serfs fat and happy.  Well, satisfied anyway.  The game is still set in medieval times after all.

And if you really have been out of touch, this is on top of the earlier update that added things like unit attrition while in the field, auto encampment (another tool so you don't have to micromanage), persistent settings (including volume control (yay!), smarter onboarding and the best of all (imo) - an auto trade function!  No more heading to sleep to awaken to a feudum devastated by running out of some precious resource.

A few notes as we move forward.  The success we saw at Tacticon has meant that our capacity for hosting new test games is being stretched.  We are running at full capacity and there may be times when all games are full.  As our Discord is integrated with the game, new games are announced there so we recommend you joining if for no other reason.  Of course, you'll get most of the news by hanging out in Discord, but we have other social media channels as well if they are a better fit for you.  We apologize if you have had any inconvenience regarding joining a new game, but waiting is still better than joining an empty multiplayer session, right? ;)

A final note: with the rush of new players we also received a bunch of feedback about missing instructions and tutorials.  We heard those criticisms loud and clear and are working to create something to help "on board" our new players. The last thing we want is to turn you off from the dream we're working on.

Tacticon 2023 is now in our rear-view mirror. Alongside our allies, we made an impact. Together, we can all achieve success!

To Arms!