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Site improvements

I had some Ideas on how to improve the Website/Forum to make it more accessible for newcomers and easier to use. Some of them have already been implemented (Thx Mat) but I will still include them for the sake of completeness:


  • A forum that's easier to understand and use. (completed)
    Thx again Mat for fixing this, the new forum structure is a lot better and the Tags will make identifying Phase 1 Topics a lot easier.

  • Making the link to the dev blog more visible / putting it somewhere in the navigation rather than the forums(completed)
    In my opinion its really hard to find the dev blog if you don't already know how to find it. Making it part of the navigation (maybe as a sub menu for community) might make it easier to find.

  • Removing the "Download" page until there is something to download / making it easier to understand that there will be downlaodables (soon?)
    To prevent confusion with people who dont know about Phase 1.

What do you think about these suggestions? You can discuss these or your own suggestions here on the forum or on Discord. (

Also a big Thank you for the devs for being so responsive.

More visible navigation links

Making the link to the dev blog more visible

Not meant to be the only change about it, but for now I've literally made it more visible by lightening it's color. :) Hopefully, it's easier to read or discover those links now.

Changed the link block

Changed the link to the devblog to something more... explicit and discoverable (check it to the left!).

Do you still think we need to put it on the main menu too?

This is a lot better ;D

This is a lot better ;D

Updated op.

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